About Me

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been of the curious type. Learning about History, Technologies, Myrmecology… Nothing is off limit.
Among all of my passions, I found computer sciences to be my true calling. Cybersecurity quickly became my favorite field.
Why would you ask ?
Simply because cybersecurity affects all areas of IT. I like this idea of restrained boundaries; having the opportunity to work on a wide variety of technologies on a day to day basis.
I think I possess all the qualities required to succeed in that domain. I’m perseverent, originative and the whole philosophy behind the open-source world really suits me.

Contact Details



Systèmes de Télécommunications & Réseaux Informatiques

Master in Networks and Telecommunications 2019 - 2022

This multidisciplinary formation from the engeenering school UPSSITECH (University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse) has been created 28 years ago. I'm in an apprenticeship in this formation.


IUT Année Spéciale 2017 - 2019

This formation taught me the basics of CS, I discovered a vivid interest in networks, systems, programming and most of all CyberSec.

Licence en Biologie Moléculaire

Biology Bachelor 2010 - 2015

Before I found my way I finished a bachelor in biology. Although it cost me a few years I have no regrets, this formation taught me a lot.



Software, Hardware and Infrastructure Administrator September 2018 - Present

My apprenticeship takes place in ACOSS (Agence Centrale des Organismes de la Sécurité Sociale) in the BOT (Back Office Technique) division.
My main mission is to lead the full invetory of network's architecture of all the URSSAF on the French territory to help the process of standardization.
I also work on various projectsi, from CISCO's firmware upgrade to stack configurations.

  • - Project management
  • - Network architecture
  • - WAN
  • - CISCO
  • - Check Point

Axians Clould Builder

Summer 2018

This internship goal was to implement a collaborative solution such as a Wiki to improve cooperation inside the team.
I implemented DokuWiki and developped some pluggins to adapt it for the company.

  • - Open-Source
  • - DokuWiki
  • - PHP & Js

Airport Agent

2015 - 2017

I worked for 3 years at the Toulouse airport as an agent. During this period I decided to go back to studies and make a career in Computer Science.

  • - Customer relationship


  • Web : Nginx, Js, BootStrap, PHP, Django
  • Programming : Java, C, Python
  • System : Windows, Debian <3, CentOS
  • Scripting : Bash, PowerShell, Python
  • Virtualization : VMware, vSphere, hyperV, Virtualbox
  • Containerization : Docker, Docker-Compose
  • Network : OSI, protocols, routing, WAN, CISCO, HP
  • Data Base : MySQL, MariaDB, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Security : NMap, WireShark, Burp, Kali, OWASP, Metasploit